Monroe piercing

A Monroe piercing is a piercing placed off-centre in the upper lip, meant to resemble a beauty mark; it is also known as a 'Madonna' or 'Crawford'. The three variations of the name for the piercing bear their names from famous female icons: Marilyn Monroe, Madonna, and Cindy Crawford. The piercings bear the same name no matter which side of the lip is pierced; some sources incorrectly state that a left piercing is a Monroe and a right is a Madonna. Monroe piercing
Nicknames Madonna, Crawford
Location Off-center on upper lip
Jewelry Labret stud

This piercing is usually done with a 14g labret (chin) or 16g labret (chin), which is then shortened after healing. The labrets used often have a metal ball or a jewel. It's a piercing that has a more recent history, unlike others that were popularized in the late 70s and 80s. Seen in the mid/late 90s on the bassist of the band Coal Chamber, Rayna. Celebrities with the Monroe piercing include Travis McCoy, of Gym Class Heroes, Amy Winehouse, Ashley Massaro, Christine Dolce aka ForBiddeN, Mutya Buena of former Sugababes fame, and Trace Cyrus, of Metro Station. In the past decade, the Monroe piercing has become associated with the mainstream, due to acts such as Amy Winehouse.