Christina piercing

A Christina piercing is a female genital piercing. It is located where the outer labia meet, below the pubic mound. Unless the recipient has an extremely sympathetic anatomy, Christinas are usually considered surface piercings and have a high rejection rate. Due to anatomical variation, it is not possible with every woman. The piercing does not facilitate sexual stimulation and can be found uncomfortable when pressure is applied, for example when wearing tight trousers.
Location Where labium meet below mons pubis
Jewelry Surface bar, captive bead ring, Circular barbell
Healing 3 to 4 months

The piercing usually heals in 3 to 4 months. Because it involves a surface piercing, it can lead to complications during the healing phase. Further difficulties develop due to the relatively long piercing canal and constant movement and friction. In addition to infection, the Christina piercing also is inclined to wash out. As soon as it is completely healed, the jewelry should be taken out before shaving the intimate vulva or mons pubis areas.